Best SEO Services at Affordable Pricing (Ranked Keywords)

SEO Content Writing services in bangalore

Are you Curious to know our ranked keywords?

Probably… You are.

You have to wait a little bit because I’m going to share something Unexpected. 

Stay on.

Do you think SEO agencies can rank your article within Few days?

Ever Asked how they do it?

They all are Temperory/Unsafe/Un healthy for long term

They just push your article in several comments and they will create PBN links.

Nothing is  P E R M E N E N T.

So How long it will take to get GENUINE comments and backlinks?

Some Weeks, Probably.

Everything is about CONTENT.


We worked hard to achive this. HARD WORK + SMART WORK

Let’s SEE our RANKED keywords Now (Monthly Report).This site was completly maintained by us from March 2018 to August 2018 and ranked for 2.4k keywords in total with 3k Organic Monthly traffic.Now the site is been Maintaining by other Owner and you can still Check Ahref’s metrics.×Dismiss alert

Ranked keyword 1

1 Keyword: Safe Apk Sites,
Traffic Generaing: 3000+
Time taken: 21 Days

2 Keyword: PopAds in WordPress,
Traffic: 300+ 
Time taken: 42 Days

3 Keyword: Tech Gadgets under 200 
Traffic: 80to 100 
Time taken: 45 Days

4 Keyword: K7 Power 
Traffic: 600+ 
Time taken: 12 Days

5 Keyword: Primark Earphones Review 
Traffic: 150+ Time taken: 18 Hours (BOOM)

6 Keyword: Yoozon Headphones review 
Traffic: 100+ 
Time taken: 2 Days

SEO services

How long it will take to Rank organically

More than 6 Months if you follow regular Methods. But with us You can achieve in 3 Months itself.


We scam?


We hate Spam.

All we do is GENUINE backlinks and regular content update.

Three things we focus: Keyword research (PROPER), on-site SEO (90%), off-site SEO (10%). 


If you want to go from here to here,

Instead of working for single page from website, we work with every page of website. And here are the NUMBERS

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING is, We even win Featured snippets

Then Don’t waste your  Money ……….Contact us.

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