How to make $1500+ per Month(Beginners) with Bluehost Affiliate Program?

How to earn with bluehost affiliate

Everyone is running behind making money online. Do you think it is simple to make money online just by displaying ads on your site?

A big NO.

You need to try some working and effortless monetizing ways to make your first $1500 within a Month. The affiliate program is one of the easiest methods to make money even with few visitors. Now, let’s dig How to earn massive amount with Bluehost affiliate program in a complete beginner friendly way.

Surprisingly, most of the bloggers and YouTubers don’t take advantage of affiliate programs. It is hard to beat the affiliate commission with your ad clicks, and literally, it is impossible.

Of course, people go for AdSense sites, and they make 4 figures a Month. But the breathtaking point is you can make six figures income with affiliate marketing with Minimum 100 active signups. Stay tuned,

You can make your first $65 after successful signup with your referral link. So, how many clicks you need to earn from AdSense?

100 clicks with 0.65 CPC, Over 650 clicks adding 0.1 CPC rate. Isn’t it terrible?

You can earn the same with a single click. Now, don’t faint. Bluehost will increase your affiliate commission rate if you refer 5 to 10 customers to this hosting provider.

And once they believe you are referring to a great number of sales to their hosting provider, your Bluehost affiliate commission will be $100 to $150.

If you can make 15 sales a month (A signup for every two days), then $1500 will be in your pocket.

The numbers are tempting, but you have to work smart to achieve this. Write a lot of how-to guides, discuss Bluehost login issues, Bluehost support, Bluehost webmail, etc.

You need to grab the people who are curious about Bluehost. Write a detailed guide on the Bluehost signup process with how to start a blog. If you want to win, you must catch the Pace.

Why Bluehost Affiliate?

Bluehost paid over $5 Million to its affiliates in 2015 alone. You can expect today’s value.

Moreover, hundreds of blogs are going to live each day, and most of them are using WordPress. Bluehost is the WordPress official recommended Bluehost and also a trending hosting provider.  

Bluehost vs Siteground Google trends - How to make $1500+ per Month(Beginners) with Bluehost Affiliate

This is the Gunshot reason why you can target the Bluehost Affiliate program. People are crazy about this hosting provider not only because of it’s hosting, but also it feeds your income with its affiliate program.

Why Bluehost Affiliate Program pay high commissions?

Bluehost affiliate pays $65 for your first sale and $100 per sale after ten successful sales. $65 for single signup is high. But why they pay this much to affiliates?

People will make their purchase by paying $95 for the basic plan at checkout. So, $65 will be yours, and the remaining %25 to $30 will be in Bluehost’s pocket. But here is the strategy.

People follow the year, and for the next year, they have to pay $200 under renewal prices. You will get only one-time commission and Bluehost will make money forever.

Isn’t it great? Yes, it will also help them to expand their market for a large audience within no time. So, if everyone is promoting Bluehost, then they don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on advertisement.

How to Sign Up for Bluehost Affiliate program?

Becoming a Bluehost affiliate marketer is very easy, and you can complete your signup process within few minutes. You just need your PayPal email, and if you don’t have it, you can also use a Wire transfer to withdraw funds.

You need to submit your tax information for this program.

Click on this link which will land you to the Bluehost affiliate sign up area.

Bluehost affiliate signup form - How to make $1500+ per Month(Beginners) with Bluehost Affiliate

Click on signup to create a new account and now you have to enter your credentials.

Bluehost affiliate signup form 2 - How to make $1500+ per Month(Beginners) with Bluehost Affiliate

Once you fill all the data and information, you can click the signup option. Now, on the next page, you need to provide your tax details. After filling everything, your application will go under approval.

Bluehost team will review your information and your site and then once you are eligible to promote Bluehost then you will get confirmation link from the Bluehost team.

So, after getting the approval, you can start promoting Bluehost by banners and links. You can also use your own banners to make it more beautiful.

How to track your sales?

You will get a unique referral ID, and it will be useful to track your sales for the Bluehost affiliate team. When you share this link to promote sales, and when someone clicks, it will be recorded.

Bluehost will update everything to your dashboard from the number of visitors to the number of purchases. You can easily monitor these things from your dashboard itself.

You will get a confirmation email that ‘someone made a sale from your referral link’ and the pending payout will credit to your account. That’s the biggest achievement you can make.

And if you have a great number of visitors, you can also ask the Bluehost team to generate a unique Bluehost coupon code under your name or your site name to give an additional discount to your visitors.

Once you are generating thousands of visitors, you can take this step to increase your commissions.

How Much can a blogger Make with Bluehost affiliate program?

As we said, it depends on the sales you can make. Even if you have 10 views/day to the desired page, and only 1 person makes sales, then you will end up by making $3000/Month.

Here is a pro blogger Anil Agarwal who shared his Bluehost Affiliate income report with the readers for motivational purpose.

Anil agarwal Bluehost affiliate earnings - How to make $1500+ per Month(Beginners) with Bluehost Affiliate

He made over 368 sales in 3 years averaging 134 sales/Year. Making 134 sales per year is not easy, and you need to convince your readers to take a step. If you can make 10 sales/month, you will earn this much.

Bluehost pays you hugely if you generate sales to them. Now, you are an advertising partner of Bluehost, and you should work smart to promote them.

How to Increase your Bluehost Affiliate earnings?

People can see the hidden earnings of your Bluehost affiliate program when you are promoting Bluehost. No matter how Genuine you write, they think that you are just pampering for sales. Yes, People are SMART.

So how can you improve these earnings and can settle with passive income? Once your money page (Affiliate page) started making 10+ sales/Month, then no one can stop your profits, and you can enlarge your money while you are sleeping.

Here are some simple methods you can use to boost your Bluehost affiliate earnings.

  • Use simple but effective banners; you can also use Bluehost default banners. (Usually, GIF banners work well).
  • Write a high-quality review on your site with proper screenshots and related queries.
  • Bluehost offers huge discounts on occasions like New year, Christmas and Black Friday. So don’t miss the chance. Just grab the point and write a detailed article on discounts and coupons.
  • Start giveaways to grow your blog, and once people started visiting, leave a link to the affiliate page.
  • Use Menu and link to your Affiliate page by using ‘How to start a Blog in 2019 and Make Money’.


There is no such thing to make thousands of dollars without doing hard work. AdSense cannot make you reach unless you have millions of views and thousands of clicks on Ads. It is only affiliate marketing which can generate greater revenue.

The Bluehost affiliate program is one of the highest paying affiliate programs we have right now.

Just catch the audience’s pulse and write an honest review including the real drawbacks. So that people can trust you.

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  1. Affiliates is one good Way to earn money as a blogger. Bluehost affiliate is one sure way to make money if you play your tactics right.
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