How a Mom can create blog and Make $1100+ Every Month (HOT)

How a Mom can start a blog and Make money

Hi there, Are you a mum who is struggling to make money and want to start a blog which can give you the passive income? You are at the gunshot point.

I am sure you want to start a blog and make money, but you don’t have proper guidance to make it successful. Today you are going to learn how to start a blog in your spare time and start making money online. 

We have been into the industry for a long time, and we know what works and what won’t. We will tell you the exact procedure of starting a successful blog which will pay you for your hard work.

If you already started a blog, but you are confused to select the topic/niche, then stay with us because we are going to reveal the “easy method to find the profitable Niche as well“. 

Alright, so why do you think you can make a blog? Of course, to earn passive income. But do you know there are a lot of people who are struggling to make a few dollars even after starting their blogging career?

It is just because they don’t know how to pitch the audience and how to monetize the blog. 

How a Mom can create blog and Make $1100+ Every Month

If you are a pregnant, housewife, a Mother, or working women, you are welcome to know how to start a successful blog.

If you have the ultimate writing skills, then you can also pin into freelancing, which will pay you the best amount. 

If you want to find a way which will pay you while you are sleeping, then it is time to take a look at ‘starting a blog’. 

What do you need?

Of course, you need some investment and your time with knowledge. It doesn’t mean that you cannot start a blog without knowledge, but you need sufficient knowledge to run a blog successfully. 

Ultimately we know a lot of Moms, and working women making thousands of dollars every month. They are being paid off for what they are doing.

How a Mom can create blog (5 Step FORMULA)

Alright, let’s come to the point. If you are struggling to start a blog because you don’t know how to start and which Niche will be profitable, then you will end up by the proper information after reading this article. 

You can create a simple blog with WordPress and SiteGROUND. 

Here are the outlines to be made clear for better understanding. Let’s breakdown the things.

1 Choosing a profitable Niche.

2 Finding the domain

3 Selecting the right hosting

4 Installing WordPress

5 Writing your first blog post. 

1 Choosing a profitable Niche

The most exciting and breath-taking step when thinking about blogging is ‘niche‘. 

This is the most prominent challenge people are facing when they are going to think about blogging. There are millions of blogs running for competition on the internet. 

Pick any topic, and there will be a competition which you will never beat. That’s the reason why most of the people close their blogging career within 6 months. 

It is hard to achieve rankings, and it is impossible to make money without getting organic traffic. Well, the only thing which can pull you from the ocean is a micro niche

This is where you can extract new ideas and can write an excellent post about a specific topic. The niche itself is a micro topic where the search volume will be low, but the conversion rate will be high. 

Let me tell you one example. Suppose if your targeted keyword has only 1000 search volume per month. As we know, even you achieved the number one position in search results, you will get only 50 to 60% clicks. 

That means approximately your keyword can pull 500 to 600 traffic every month. This is very low but what if you can make 20 articles which have a similar search volume. 

Experimentally, you will end up by getting 10,000 visitors per month. Let’s say, you are making a 2% conversion rate. This is not a big deal in terms of conversions. 

So, you are successful in making a 2% conversion rate with $5 Commission. (10,000×0.02×5$)

BOOM,  you are making $1000  a month. 

That’s the reason why you have to choose a more profitable topic, and you will get this commission only if your product’s price is above $100 (Amazon). The hottest trend of micro niche sites is you can earn passive income without investing money. 

Long-term bloggers will focus on the authority, and they will write informative content to flow case their reputation, but their income will be low in the beginning. 

All right. Now, it’s the time to find PERFECT NICHE. Here are some breakdowns of how you can pick a perfect Niche.

1.a) Explore what excites you

When something is impressing you, and you are passionate about that; you will write every day without compromising the quality and quantity. This is the best advice any marketer or any successful blogger will give you. 

You have to choose the perfect topic where you are passionate about. Even if you are not passionate, you should be enthusiastic about the topic

When you have interest, you will spend time to research, and when you research, you will end up by writing an awesome article. 

So the first thing comes first, find the topic where you have an interest or where you are experienced.

1.b) Find your Niche using online tools

Probably you are in confusion right now because you don’t know in which industry you have interest and you can write. Don’t worry, I will tell you the exact process to find a profitable niche. Here are some methods to find a topic to start your blogging. 

Use Quora

You know Quora. This is the largest question and answers platform on the internet right now. Quora is not only a place where you can find questions and answers, but also you can find the profitable and most hottest niche topics.

Open Quora and enter your search term. Suppose if you want to go with health niche, then Just enter your topic name and search. 

On the right side of search results, you will find solutions which Quora will give you with maximum engagement rate. That means people are interested in these topics and from the list, you can choose a topic.

Quora screenshot - How a Mom can create blog

From the list, it suggested, select a topic which has less competition. Now how do you define the competition of a niche?  

It’s simple that when you search for the term on Google, and if you find the results with the authoritative sites, then the niche/micro niche is competitive.

Use Amazon

The best thing about using Amazon niche sites is, people will believe your blog because of the authority you are passing. If all your products on your blog are targeting Amazon or Flipkart, then it will be like a cakewalk to you to earn money if you are capable of generating more visitors. 

Of course, people will believe and will follow your blog regularly to find decent products with great discounts. 

The research said that over 65% of the people purchase online products from bloggers recommendation. 

That’s the Killing point which you can hold and start making money online with these products promotion. Now, open Amazon and navigate to find the exact product in a specific niche. 

Amazon niche research screenshot - How a Mom can create blog

When people search for something like “which is the best bike riding Jackets in winter” then they will end up by purchasing a jacket from your referral link. 

This is one of my favourite methods to find any Niche before starting a blog. Now, you cleared the Niche, what’s next?

1.c) Is your niche profitable?

The next question you should ask yourself. Take some time and spend your time for research to know that, is your niche profitable and can make you money? 

If you need some help, then our accommodation is to choose those products which cost above $100 if you think about affiliate marketing. 

But if you want to depend on Ad networks, then you have to depend on the traffic. When you have great traffic, then you will earn great revenue from ads. But in the affiliate niche, you can make hundreds of dollars even with few action takers. That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing

2 Finding the RIGHT DOMAIN

The domain is a brand. It reflects your business. Although there is no importance for the domain extensions in search engine factors, you should maintain the decency to market your brand. Pick a domain which will establish you as a marketer. Even before revealing your niche, your domain should explain your business.

So how do you find a good domain name? 

Always choose the short and sweet domain with Global extensions (.com/.net) if there is a chance. You can also use a long domain, but it will be better if you can make it short because if someone is going to pronounce your domain name, then it makes sense right?

It is not mandatory to go with the Global extension, but it is advisable. Because people trust global domains and as well you can target worldwide traffic.

So how do you find a domain? Suppose you are writing about ‘dog food’ niche,  then include these words ‘dog’ and ‘food’. 

Lean Domain search screenshot - How a Mom can create blog

Instant domain search’ is a free online domain availability checker tool. Even though it is free and useful, I prefer ‘Lean domain search’. This tool is beneficial and will save your time.

You just have to enter your focused or targeted keyphrase in the Lean domain search, and it will suggest you the available .com domains. 

You can also choose the separate extension in the settings, and you can also Filter it by the number of characters too. This is the best tool I use to find domains.

Your domain can be exact domain match(EDM) or related domain match(RDM). 

3 Choose the Best HOSTING

The next step and important step is choosing the right hosting platform. There are so many hosting providers we can see online, but only a few of them are worth spending your money. 

Siteground is one of the best WordPress hosting providers we have right now, and it is officially recommended by WordPress. A lot of marketers and influencers use Siteground for beginner sites. 

Once you reach the maximum business, then you can move to VPS/Cloud hosting or dedicated hosting. Until then, Siteground will serve as a better doctor to your website.

Navigate to Siteground and create an account after registering your domain.   

Siteground hosting plans - How a Mom can create blog

The most beautiful advantage of Siteground is it serves the best handling time.

If you already registered your domain, then you can use it, or if you want to register your domain from Siteground, then you can register your domain from here. The process and the price will be the same.

Why Siteground?

Siteground is an old hosting company which is serving to the users from so many years. People have trust in this hosting provider and Siteground secure sites with advanced features. 

Bluehost vs Siteground popularity - How a Mom can create blog

Siteground is the best hosting provider for beginners. of course, it is recommended to beginners, it has the potential to maintain constant uptime, which is the most significant factor in website loading speed.

It has an official recommendation and integration from WordPress. Siteground is currently hosting over 2 million websites with fast loading time and security. 

Their support is very good and has a beginner-friendly user interface which will be useful for beginners. When you are just entering into the blogging world, you should maintain the minimal risk of the user interface. 

Some advanced hosting providers will have complicated cPanels and file manager integrations where you will get confused. Unlike them,  Siteground is beginner friendly.

SiteGround Signup area

Siteground signup area - How a Mom can create blog

You’ll end up with by paying $47.50 for startup, I bet “No hosting provider will give you the dynamics at this price

Finally, if you are just starting your website, then we will recommend you to try Siteground for excellent support and customization options.

Siteground offers various plans for single and multiple domains. It also has a separate plan for business websites. You can choose any hosting plan according to your requirement. But to clear your confusion if you want to start only one blog then go with the basic plan which will be more than enough.

After purchasing the hosting, you will receive an email confirmation, and from there, you can access cPanel from where you have to install WordPress.

Best Shared WordPress hosting

The best powered WordPress hosting in 2019 with 100% growth in industry. Best for beginners.

4 Install WordPress

After login to your hosting File Manager or cpanel, you have to install WordPress from there. 

WordPress auto install - How a Mom can create blog

You may see this ‘Softaculous’ option in some hosting cPanels. But some cPanels directly offer WordPress in the menu area itself. 

Install WordPress from the options you see, and then you have to enter your username and password. These credentials are used to login into your WordPress dashboard. 

You will get these details to your email too. When selecting the username, make sure that your username is strong and secure. While choosing the password, mix it with the combination of numbers and special characters. 

Now you can log into your WordPress backend by using these credentials. You can install free themes if you have a tight budget, but using premium themes will increase your authority and loading speed.

Why should you install WordPress?

WordPress is the largest CMS platform we have right now. Over 27% of the total websites on the internet are made with WordPress. There is no serious competition for WordPress in terms of usage and credibility.

You will have more customization options and designing capabilities in WordPress. The only competition to the WordPress is because it is free and authenticated by Google. 

But blogger has limitations. The next popular CMS platform after the giant WordPress is WIX.  WIX is mostly used for business sites.

WordPress support is phenomenal, and you will have tons of tutorials online and YouTube videos. For every minor issue, you can find a solution within minutes.

5 Writing your First blog post

WordPress new post publish screenshot - How a Mom can create blog

Congrats, you have completed all the necessary steps in creating your blog. Now it’s time to write your first post. Don’t take a nap in between finishing your site and writing your first blog post. 

To keep your excitement level high, write your first blog post right now. Yes, you have to do some keyword research. Prepare your list of keywords by using some online keyword suggestion tools or by spying on your competitors. 

Just enter your targeted keyword and find your competitors. Head over to their blog and find any suggestion from the articles. 

You can write any article in your niche by adding some questions and answers. 

#Wrapping Up

A  warm welcome to the blogging World. Officially you are a blogger now. Congrats and let us hear from you. Alright, now you have your blog where you have to explore your thoughts on the knowledge to gain the people trust and Income as well.

 In the initial days, you should not think about Income. You have to impress readers and search engines before earning dollars. 

Once you have an impressive list of people and community, then you can sell any product for the great commission. If you want to depend on ad networks, then you have to concentrate on traffic first.

Follow the inspirational influencers in your industry and learn from their blogging mistakes. Keep yourself motivated every morning before writing your article.

Keep on writing useful articles for the people, and you will have an active community within a few months. Spend time with your family and also for blogging as well. 

You will reach your goal if you work consistently, and you will earn your Passive Income. We wish you all the best in your blogging journey.

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