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All of us Know that writing services agencies will hunt for the writers, those websites owners are lack of knowledge, and they hire low-quality writers. This will result in bad writing.

Isn’t it?

Yupp. We all know this. So, As a Client (Once) I was unhappy about these things and decided to write myself. We among friends decided to start writing own, and for that, we registered a domain and started writing.

That’s how it started. All members of our team are Friends, and we do not work under any agency.

The website has 6 Owners and 6 Admins, 6 Editors. The only designation in team field changes but everything remains the same. We have our own identity in “writing articles, SEO services, blog editing, photo design, poster making, video editing, movie editing, blog maintaining, and social media marketing” and we love to call our clients as friends.

After we started writing, we got excellent reviews on the website, and we got a positive response. That’s where we boosted and started writing more. The process of contacting agencies will be easy but getting approval is difficult.

One thing I have to make sure that, We are experienced writers with a brand new website for our recognization. Instead of hiring unknown writers, we write on our own. This will result in unlimited revisions and reader-friendly content.

Short Bio of the Team

-More than 3 years Experience in Search Engine Optimization, Blog editing, Content Writing, WordPress Maintenance, video making, logo designing, and Article swapping. 
-I can write high-quality articles which are reader-friendly, and SEO Friendly. 
-I’ve written for many websites which includes “blogging, SEO, WordPress, Digital Marketing ” niches.

-I’m passionate about my work and efforts I can take to make the crowd more efficient towards work.
-I have been working in a client based company from 2 years and got high skills in Managing the work.
-I’m very cautious about my work and clients, and hence I’m an SEO Proofreader and Editor, No mistakes can cross over me which can disappoint the clients.
-I can Maganege content writing work, and SEO work at present and the rest of the team is designed for various tasks. Time Management and in-time delivery are My strength which can make me stronger as a COO.

Vani J
-I got a great conscious mind since I am working as a Freelancer.
– The more challenging projects I get, the more creative ways I can explore. I am a quick learner, able to work with challenging projects which can make my resume stronger.

“We work for Quality, We work with Dignity”

Why you should take a chance to look us?

We are experienced content writers who don’t have to depend on external sources.

Before reaching us, I have something to tell you. You can check every website which says, we have content writers blah blah……! In reality, they don’t have writers. Instead, they hire writers online. Moreover, can you guess how much they pay for clients?

It’s 15 to 25ppw.

You can judge the quality of writing here. No one will waste their precious time, and no one will research to write the high-quality content for these prices.

There is something you should know that every service we provide is only with experienced people. We will deliver the content in-time, and we are best at the blog marinating. You can give a try for your work, and if you don’t like, we will re-edit the content or SEO thing until you impress.

Why FreshWritings?

The process of finding the experienced writers will be, and you will end up with some lousy content if you hire writers for the low price. You will find writers everywhere, and most of the writers will give the average content because the price is low.

Most of the writing site agencies do the same, and hence they lose the value of writings.

We are specialized in writing SEO friendly, reader-friendly articles. Search engines always prefer user-friendly articles to rank in the first page. If you impress the audience, you impress the search engine. As we said, we do not work under any company and agency. We work with our team of writers. This is the team of Writers.

What Makes us Special?

There are some unique things, where we can say that we are different from the regular service providers. When we talk about blog maintenance, most of the people don’t know how to maintain a blog properly and how to edit that. We are here to make that more comfortable for you.

Here is the list of our specializations.


  • Content Writing: Explore the beauty of writing uniquely at 1.2$/100 words for content writing.
  • Blog Editing/WordPress/Maintenanace: If you don’t have time to maintain your blog regularly, we will do the work for you. We will edit the format, schedule the posts and many options starting at $59/Month/1-site.

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“Team of writers, not the team of workers”

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